The Power of Religion

Religion is a powerful thing, it brings people together…to do what? It brings people together in groups to pray for anything in life from the little things to larger than life things like world peace. I love this side of religion that creates communities. What about the other side of religion, the side that has created crusades and wars and the deaths of millions of people the world over. This side of religion that is so often glossed over but is always there and will always be there. Religion is a tool that people use for good or for bad, it’s an excuse to bring people together and it is used as an excuse to start wars in the real world and in literature. Take Star Wars as an example, a group of people who believe in this greater being or thing “The Force” which dominates their life and even their government and politics, it creates a hierarchy where those who are enlightened and have the power to tap into the force are at the top of the political chain and those who aren’t are below them. How can someone follow something as unpredictable and random as religion?


Throughout history there are mentions of great people who supposedly lived thousands of years ago, like God who performed miracles for the Masses. He did great things like walk on water and turn water into wine, where are these great men now? How can a huge amount of people believe in these figures who have done nothing to prove they exist for millenia. Are we just supposed to follow with all of our hearts because of things that we hear about in book? Albeit these are some of the best selling books of all time, but how is this any different from following a character from any other best seller like say Harry Potter. Harry Potter did some pretty incredible things like defeat the dark lord, the most evil person in their universe.harry potter