Do we have to choose one religion?

Generally to be perceived as a religious person you need to follow a specific religion like any type of Christianity, Judaism, or Hinduism, or any of the thousands of different religions, but why? Faith is supposed to be something you can believe in 100% but how are you supposed to believe in something when you don’t necessarily agree with every part of their religion, like I for one believe that their is a greater person that must have created the universe and all that is in it. Does that make me Christian? Because as much as I believe that I don’t believe that someone is leading us along which is a huge part of the Christian faith. I wish their was a way to declare your religion like it was your family lineage like i’m 50% Atheist, 30% Christian, 20% Pastafarian ( If the world was open to a system like this I would guess that almost everyone in the world who right now identifies as Atheist would change because right now if someone asked me if i’m religious I would say no, which isn’t true I just don’t believe in any of these religions enough to follow one of them. We should be allowed to identify with any and as many parts of religion as we want.


The Afterlife

Probably the most debated part of any religion is not the higher being that exists in most religions but what happens after you die. What happens to your soul or conscious or whatever after you kick the bucket, do we go to some mystical place above the sky where everything is happy or do we become reincarnated as some animal that correlates to how we were in our past life. I as I think most people do want to believe that there is some utopia in the sky where we go when our time has come, but how could that be. This idea depends on the ¬†fact that you believe in God because how can you believe in a place where there is no war or petty arguments without there being an all powerful deity watching over and controlling everything. I hear people say that they believe in heaven but not God that just isn’t possible. I find it much more believable that if there is something after we die and we don’t just become one with the earth that what we do in our current lives translates into what we become in our next life. If your a total asshole in your current life then have fun being a dung beetle in the next one. I like this idea because it gives some sort of accountability and that this life isn’t just a waste of time before we get to the good part. Wow look at that maybe I should become a Buddhist.

Which Religion is “Real”

I think over my posts I lost focus of my question which is how can people follow a religion when at the same time I find it hard to believe in any “God”. It’s not that I don’t like religion I don’t even dislike it a little bit at all in fact I am envious of it. I wish that I could believe with all my heart that there is something or someone out their looking out for us, taking care of us, and leading us. I just can’t believe in something like that. I do believe there is something out there, how can there not be. The universe can’t just have started with a boom something had to cause that boom and likewise something had to put the thing there that caused that boom. I just don’t know what to believe in. There are too many different ideology’s out there and I haven’t experienced enough of them to know which one I should believe or even if I did know them all I don’t know if I would believe in any of those either. My head is super confused to be honest.

The Power of Religion

Religion is a powerful thing, it brings people together…to do what? It brings people together in groups to pray for anything in life from the little things to larger than life things like world peace. I love this side of religion that creates communities. What about the other side of religion, the side that has created crusades and wars and the deaths of millions of people the world over. This side of religion that is so often glossed over but is always there and will always be there. Religion is a tool that people use for good or for bad, it’s an excuse to bring people together and it is used as an excuse to start wars in the real world and in literature. Take Star Wars as an example, a group of people who believe in this greater being or thing “The Force” which dominates their life and even their government and politics, it creates a hierarchy where those who are enlightened and have the power to tap into the force are at the top of the political chain and those who aren’t are below them. How can someone follow something as unpredictable and random as religion?



Throughout history there are mentions of great people who supposedly lived thousands of years ago, like God who performed miracles for the Masses. He did great things like walk on water and turn water into wine, where are these great men now? How can a huge amount of people believe in these figures who have done nothing to prove they exist for millenia. Are we just supposed to follow with all of our hearts because of things that we hear about in book? Albeit these are some of the best selling books of all time, but how is this any different from following a character from any other best seller like say Harry Potter. Harry Potter did some pretty incredible things like defeat the dark lord, the most evil person in their universe.harry potter