Do we have to choose one religion?

Generally to be perceived as a religious person you need to follow a specific religion like any type of Christianity, Judaism, or Hinduism, or any of the thousands of different religions, but why? Faith is supposed to be something you can believe in 100% but how are you supposed to believe in something when you don’t necessarily agree with every part of their religion, like I for one believe that their is a greater person that must have created the universe and all that is in it. Does that make me Christian? Because as much as I believe that I don’t believe that someone is leading us along which is a huge part of the Christian faith. I wish their was a way to declare your religion like it was your family lineage like i’m 50% Atheist, 30% Christian, 20% Pastafarian ( If the world was open to a system like this I would guess that almost everyone in the world who right now identifies as Atheist would change because right now if someone asked me if i’m religious I would say no, which isn’t true I just don’t believe in any of these religions enough to follow one of them. We should be allowed to identify with any and as many parts of religion as we want.


5 thoughts on “Do we have to choose one religion?”

    1. Because for a large part of society religion is a huge part of their lives. The Christian faith has their own country/city. That’s ridiculous in my opinion but i’m just one person so it holds no weight against a religion with more than a billion followers.


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